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Auto Commissions Jacker has been very instrumental in helping me drive traffic to my affiliate campaigns while building my list. But then with the FE, the number of leads I could get was limited. So I wasted no time in getting the Ultimate upgrade which allowed me build unlimited leads at an even faster rate.

Michelle C. Cox

The ability to add CTAs to hijacked videos made me grab the Auto Commissions Jacker upgrade. This greatly increased engagements with the hijacked videos which resulted in more sales. With the help of this feature, I’m earning almost twice the commissions I earned before upgrading.

Dennis G. Tatum

Having made over $5000 by activating the 10 inbuilt DFY campaigns that came with Auto Commissions Jacker, I wanted more commissions and leads. So I quickly upgraded to the Ultimate package which gave me 10 additional DFY campaigns and more amazing features. It’s only been 3 days and I’ve only activated 2 DFY campaigns and I’ve already earned over $1000 in pure commissions. Thanks guys.

George J. Crisp

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Auto Commissions Jacker Ultimate

When you upgrade to Auto Commissions Jacker Ultimate, you get access to everything you need to 3X your results with the software you just purchased without any additional work required on your part.

Here’s What Included Inside
Auto Commissions Jacker Ultimate

Collect Unlimited Leads

When you upgrade to Auto Commissions Jacker Ultimate, all limits have been removed, so you can now capture UNLIMITED LEADS, which means there’s no cap on your income.

Get 10 Additional Campaigns

You get 10 additional ‘done for you’ campaigns that include a battle-tested email series and are PROVEN to make you money while you sleep.

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10 Additional ‘Done For You’ Campaigns

Add Call-To-Action To Any Video Hijacked Videos

With the click of your mouse, you can now add a Call To Action to any of the videos you’ve hijacked with Auto Commissions Jacker...

You Can Choose The Following Ctas To Add To Your Video

Add Call To Action To Any Website You’ve Hijacked

With the click of your mouse, you can now add a Call To Action to any of the videos you’ve hijacked with Auto Commissions Jacker...

You Can pop image

Add An optin form

Add social share

Add pre-roll video

Adding These CTAs Is EASY…

No coding or technical skills needed, and all you have to do is choose the CTA you want, click your mouse a few times, and you’ll quickly boost your results!

Plus, We’re Giving Your Facebook Pixel Support

Add every visitor than lands any page or video you’ve hijacked to a custom audience, and if you’re running paid ads, this will improve your targeting, reduce your ad spend, and quickly increase your profits.

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These Bonuses Are Worth $735 If You Paid For Them On Your Own,
But When You Upgrade Now, You’ll Get Them Free…

Bonus #1

Messenger Marketing for eCommerce
[Worth $147 In Actual Value]


- Increase your sales with automatic abandoned carts reminders on Facebook Messenger
- Target and engage your customers on Messenger to increase conversion and retention rates
- Automate your marketing workflow with automatic retargeting and growth tools

Messenger Marketing is the future.

Bonus #2

Envato Affiliate Site Creator
[Worth $147 In Actual Value]

Envato Affiliate Site Creator lets you create your own money making website. It automatically adds new products daily and automatically create Envator affiliate links from every link of the Envato program: ActiveDen, AudioJungle, ThemeForest, VideoHive, GraphicRiver, 3Docean, CodeCanyon, Tutorial+ Network, Photodune!. When a visitor clicks on any product from your website it automatically add your referral username and makes it your affiliate link so you will get 30% on every user's first deposit..

So are you looking for an easy way to make an affiliate site for Envato?

Envato Affiliate Site Creator is all you need!

Bonus #3

WooCommerce shop to Facebook
[Worth $147 In Actual Value]

This is a leading Social commerce platform designed for automatically importing web stores onto Facebook, having them fully customized to fit both the Facebook arena and the original brand’s look & feel. It can also automatically import all of your social networks activities from Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube onto Facebook.

AND – it provides you with the following social marketing tools that will boost your sales:

Group Deal – a marketing tool enabling you to have your fans attracting their friends to join a specific deal that will only take place if certain amount of users, defined by you, joins it.

Scratch & Win – an innovative marketing tool enabling you to get straight to your fans’ newsfeed where they ‘hang out’ in a fun and incentivizing way. This tool allows your fans to win coupons by playing a game of scratch cards.

Like Box – Adding a Like Box to your online shop will help you increasing your Facebook fan base.
Twitter Tab – Display a feed of your tweets within a tab on your Facebook page.
Pinterest Tab – Display your Pinterest boards on Facebook – Your fans would love that.
YouTube Tab – Display a Youtube channel on your Facebook page, keeping your fans engaged with your page.
Import your Woocommerce store to Facebook, you’ll be amazed by its results!

Bonus #4

Insta ClickShop
[Worth $147 In Actual Value]

This is an Instagram shop App that turns your Instagram images into picture perfect shoppable links. Built to integrate seamlessly with any other application, Insta ClickShop is changing the way your customers discover and shop your products from your Instagram feed and in your store.

With endless flexibility, the Insta Clickshop app gives access to all your Instagram photos to be used as proven persuasion agents in your effort to grow your sales through conversion tracking and heightened customer engagement. This app Increase sales by making your Instagram feed instantly shoppable, Embed shoppable Instagram galleries & carousels into your store, Plug & play with other applications – Easy to use and setup takes only 3 minutes!

Bonus #5

MovieMart - Movies and TV Shows Affiliate Script
[Worth $147 In Actual Value]

Discovering new movies and TV shows has never been this great, now with the MovieStore script you can have an instant and fully automated movies and TV shows affiliate website filled with the latest and most popular movies and TV shows.

Make Money
For iTunes affiliates and Amazon affiliates the MovieStore script offers a great way to promote movies and TV shows and earn a commission on revenue generated by clicks initiated from your website, just input your affiliate id in the settings file and all the links to iTunes or Amazon will have your affiliate id attached to them so your sales will be counted.
Do not worry if you are not an iTunes or Amazon affiliate, with different sizes of advertisement spots in place you can promote any other affiliate program or ad company that you want to use.

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I don’t remember the first time I heard this phrase. I can safely say it was a long time ago.

For a number of reasons it has stuck with me through the years. I know I’ve used it more than a few times when working with some of my subscribers. Too often they were slow to react to an offer on take advantage of an opportunity in the marketplace.

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I don’t want you to make the same mistake by hesitating and losing out on this Auto Commission Jacker ULTIMATE version deal.

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❌ Write any articles
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❌ Create a product
❌ Put Your face on camera etc.

The real beauty of this product is that it can work for anyone, no matter what kind of business you are in right now...

You Have NO Risk With Our
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re also giving you the next 30 days to make sure this is for you, and if you change your mind on this upgrade for any reason just let us know, and we’ll send you a refund.

We’re willing to offer a guarantee like this because we know how powerful Auto Commission Jacker Ultimate really is, and we know that once you try it, you’ll fall in love with the advanced features that are included inside.

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