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One of my greatest challenges in affiliate marketing has always been writing emails. I can’t seem to connect with my leads through emails. So when I saw the Auto Commission Jacker Auto-responder upgrade that creates and sends DFY hypnotic emails to leads, I knew immediately it was for me. Thanks to this upgrade, I have been making 3X more commissions without doing any extra work or writing any emails.

Lula D. Oglesby

The monthly cost of my autoresponder has been sinking holes in my pocket for quite sometime now. So I was super excited to get my hands on the Auto Commissions Jacker Auto responder upgrade that allows me send unlimited emails to unlimited leads at no extra cost. Thanks to the 50 DFY emails that comes with this upgrade which has greatly increased my affiliate commissions.

James S. Sneed

After activating the 10 DFY campaigns that came with AutoCommissions Jacker, I made $3,896 using the DFY emails. However I knew I could earn more from these campaigns, so I wasted no time in getting the AutoResponder upgrade which comes with 50 DFY emails and additional monthly campaigns. Using these DFY emails, I made over $2000 extra from the initial campaigns without spending a dime. Incredible!

Christine J. Lamphear

Auto Commission Jacker gives you EVERYTHING you need to get FREE traffic, hot leads, and make easy commissions…

...and one of the best things about Auto Commissions Jacker is the built-in email marketing tools and the ‘done for you’ emails for every single campaign that’s included inside the software you’ve just purchased.

These ‘done for you’ emails are proven to get results and have a track record of engaging your leads and turning them into paying customer..

Although each campaign includes 5 ‘done for you’ emails that go out automatically…

...when those emails are completed, there’s still a MASSIVE opportunity to make even more money…

Don’t Miss Out On A Big Opportunity For
Even More Money In Your Pocket

After your new leads have been engaged with the initial emails that are included with Auto Commissions Jacker, they are now PRIMED and there’s an even bigger opportunity for making money if you continue to email them…

Some have already purchased and will buy again…

...and those that haven’t purchased have started to become engaged or are on the cusp of making you money…

You Have 2 Options For Keeping The Money Flowing

Option #1

You can write your own emails, get an autoresponder, and load everything up yourself, which will take you a fair bit of time, effort, and a little money for the autoresponder…

...but if you’re just starting out, your emails might not convert into sales all that well...

Option #2

If you’re worried about conversions, you could also hire a professional copywriter to write your emails, but that can end up being pretty expensive…

  • Good copywriters will charge $50 to $100 PER EMAIL, and you really need a series of 30-50 emails to get the maximum results possible
  • Go through the hassle of finding a copywriter
  • Make sure they’re actually qualified and have a track record of getting results…
  • Then you have to load up all the emails, test them, rewrite emails and subject lines that don’t perform well, and rinse and repeat until you’re getting consistent results…

So even if you outsource a lot of this, it can still be a process…

The good news is…

We’ve put together a ‘Done For You’ upgrade that does all of this FOR YOU so you can maximize your profits with Auto Commissions Jacker…


Auto Commissions Jacker Email Platform + DFY Emails

This upgrade gives you the opportunity to make massive profits with Auto Commissions Jacker because you’ll now be able to regularly promote offers to leads without any hard work required…

Results Without This Upgrade

Results When You Get This
‘Done For You’ Upgrade NOW

Here’s What Included Inside
This ‘Done For You’ Upgrade

Upgraded, Easy-to-Use Autoresponder

We’re giving you access to an upgraded autoresponder right inside Auto Commission Jacker that allows you:

  • Instant import of leads
  • Unlimited email sending
  • No technical skills or experience are required to get this all setup and ready to go
  • Takes your email compaigns to the next level
  • Puts your email marketing on autopilot so you make money while you sleep

50 ‘Done For You’ Campaigns

Plus, we’re going to load your new autoresponder up with 50 campaigns with ‘done for you’ emails that are PROVEN to get results…

  • These campaigns promote HOT offers that convert really well that your leads are going to love…
  • You’re guaranteed to get approved saving you time, frustration, and a lot of stress
  • When you get this NOW, you’ll also get a brand new ‘done for you’ campaign every month for LIFE
  • With this upgrade, you’ll have everything you need to make commissions every single day, and you’ll never have to worry about writing emails or finding offers to promote because we’ve done all the work for you.

Looks At The Results We’re Getting With These
‘Done For You’ Campaigns

Your ‘Done For You’ Emails Are Locked And Loaded And Ready To Make You Money Like This Day After Day

This ‘Done For You’ Upgrade Is A No-Brainer If You Want To Make Consistent Daily Profits With No Hard Work Or Effort Required

The best part about this upgrade is the price because the value you’re getting with this ‘done for you’ upgrade is MASSIVE!

Consider this...

If you were going to outsource the creation of 50+ emails from a top-copywriter skilled in writing copy that actually converts…

You’d easily pay $50+ per email on the LOW END, which means just to get just the core 50 emails written, you’d have to spend $1,500 or more…

...and writing the emails is just the beginning…

You’d also need to spend countless hours testing the emails, split-testing subject lines, and then setting everything up to make sure it all works the right way.

And even then, it would be hard to perform the ‘done for you’ emails you get with this upgrade that are battle-tested and PROVEN to generate over 6 figures in PROFITS…

Just look at the results we’ve been able to get with our PROVEN emails…

And remember, we continue to send you new campaigns every single month... FOR LIFE!

Because you stand to make so much money and save so much time and money, we originally planned to charge $997 upfront and then $97 per month for this upgrade…

And at that price, you’d obviously be getting a great deal and you’d be profitable REALLY FAST...

...but we want to make this easy and do everything we can to help you make as much money as possible with Auto Commissions Jacker…

That’s why we’ve discounted the price fo this powerful, ‘step by step’ upgrade for our valued customers, to make this a no-brainer.

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We Are Limiting THIS Offer To 50 Spots Available ONLY!

37 TAKEN (13 LEFT)

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Once the timer below hits zero, you’ll have to pay the normal price of $997 UPFRONT + $97 per month…

You Have NO Risk With Our
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re also giving you the next 30 days to make sure this is for you, and if you change your mind on this upgrade for any reason just let us know, and we’ll send you a refund.

We’re willing to offer a guarantee like this because we know how powerful this ‘done for you’ upgrade really is, and we know that you stand to put THOUSANDS of dollars in your pocket without any hard work required.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Upgrade To
Auto Commissions Jacker Right Now

Get This Completely ‘Done For You’ Upgrade

We Are Limiting THIS Offer To 50 Spots Available ONLY!

37 TAKEN (13 LEFT)

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